Server Rules
This page will display all the rules for the official NineRP server. It is crucial that you follow these rules while in game to avoid getting any warnings or getting banned.

General Rules
  1. [NO ENTRY] - Must be atleast 18 years old.
  2. [WARNING/TEMPORARY BAN] - All members must stay in character.
  3. [WARNING/TEMPORARY BAN]- No use of OOC in game unless absolutely neccessary.
  4. [WARNING/TEMPORARY BAN] - No asking staff for extra money, jobs are there for you!
  5. [WARNING/TEMPORARY BAN] - No asking staff for items, you can get items at stores!
  6. [WARNING/TEMPORARY BAN] - No asking staff for vehicles, you can get vehicles at dealerships!
Character Rules
  1. [WARNING/CHARACTER DELETE/TEMPORARY BAN] - Characters must have a first and last name.
  2. [WARNING/CHARACTER DELETE/TEMPORARY BAN] - Character names must not contain profanity.
  3. [WARNING/CHARACTER DELETE/TEMPORARY BAN] - Character names must not mimic ANY celebrity..
  4. [WARNING/CHARACTER DELETE/TEMPORARY BAN] - When playing a character your characters should never cross paths, meaning your characters can't be part of the same groups.
  5. [WARNING/CHARACTER DELETE/TEMPORARY BAN] - You should always stick to the background of your character when you are in the city. If you make a decision that affects your character you should always play it out. Anyone that plays in NineRP should ALWAYS value their lives during roleplay.
NO Powergaming, Metagaming, RDM or VDM
  1. [WARNING/BAN] - Powergaming - abusing anything that is not part of your character nor abusing mechanics in the server. This includes OOC Communications.
  2. [WARNING/BAN] - Metagaming - information that your character did NOT learn within their roleplay. (Example: Learning and using information from something you saw in twitch, discord, or any other form of communications).
  3. [WARNING/BAN] - RDM (Random Deathmatch) - is the act of killing members for poor / no reason. Also provoking other members into killing you, this is not allowed.
  4. [WARNING/BAN] - VDM (Vehicle Deathmatch) - intentionally using any kind of vehicle as a weapon without having a reason inside the RP.

Other Meanings/Rules

  • The New Life - means that if you respawn without an EMS/Doctor helping you within, you will need to forget everything that happened before you went down.
  • Permadeath - when you want to kill off a certain character within your own roleplay. Please keep in mind that if you do decide to perma a character.
  • Combat Logging - logging out or F8 out of the server during any kind of scenario to gain advantage or escape in character is NOT allowed at all times. If your game crashes, that's another story. We ask for you to be honest with us in these kinds of situations. Please keep in mind that we are able to see logs within the server.

Ensure to check off the emoji in the Discord server to let us know you've read these rules! These rules can change at anytime, so be sure to keep checking!