Forgot Password

Damn... We know how stressful it is to lose a password, but don't worry. Our staff team is here to help. We do not have an automated password reset system for one main reason - extra security. All password resets are done via Discord with the ticket system.

Open a ticket on the Discord server, state that it is a password reset. The team will then ask you for your email and your PIN number.

Know the PIN

If you know the email and the PIN, they will reset your password. You can login with the temp password they provide to you and you can change your password to something else.

Don't know the PIN

If you know the email but not the PIN, they will need to try to authenticate with getting the names of the character(s) you've created on the website.

Account security is a top priority to us at NineRP, both on the website and the server. We will always work with you to get your account back, but theres times where you can't authenticate and then you will be required to create a new one.