Discord Rules
This page will display all the rules for the official NineRP Discord server. The same rules apply for all subsequent Discord servers that are owned and operated by NineRP. It is crucial that you follow these rules while using our discord servers to avoid getting banned or have permissions restricted.

General Rules
  1. [MUTE/PERMISSION RESTRICTION] - No spamming in ANY channels.
  2. [MUTE/PERMISSION RESTRICTION] - No asking for priority with ANY application (donators only).
  3. [MUTE/PERMISSION RESTRICTION] - No spamming to check your application.
  4. [MUTE/PERMISSION RESTRICTION] - No asking for a staff position, you can apply when applications are open.
  5. [MUTE/PERMISSION RESTRICTION] - No spam messaging any staff or members of NineRP.
  6. [MUTE/PERMISSION RESTRICTION] - No harassing members or staff.
  7. [MUTE/PERMISSION RESTRICTION] - No more than 1 ticket open at a time.
  8. [MUTE/PERMISSION RESTRICTION] - No spamming in your personal ticket channel. Staff can get very busy, they will get to you, promise!
  9. [INSTANT BAN] - Absolutely no racism, even in game.
  10. [INSTANT BAN] - Absolutely no sharing other Discord servers in ANY channel.
  11. [INSTANT BAN] - Absolutely no sharing other Discord servers over private message to members of NineRP.
  12. [MUTE/PERMISSION RESTRICTION/TEMPORARY BAN] - Staff reserve the right to mute, ban, or close your ticket if you're acting hostile towards them.
  13. [WARNING] - Most swear words are ok, harsh words may result in a warning.
  14. [ONE WARNING/THEN BAN] - No threatening any staff members or members (OOC).
Account Rules
  1. [RECOMMENDATION] - We recommend not sharing your Discord account with ANYONE. Including staff.
  2. [MUTE/PERMISSION RESTRICTION/TEMPORARY BAN] - Account names must contain your MAIN characters first and last name or last name initial. (John Doe or John D.).
  3. [ONE WARNING/THEN BAN] - No creating seperate Discord accounts to apply for new positions within the server.

Ensure to check off the emoji in the Discord server to let us know you've read these rules! These rules can change at anytime, so be sure to keep checking!